Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ready To Run

Yesterday we went on the 6 mile route for our run cuz our pawrents said we missed our run last week so we better only go 6 miles.  We were very excited!

Me and Stanley were so excited that dad said we were acting nutty,

Stanley likes to bark out the news that we are going on a run.

Sometimes we're ready before mom and dad say it's time to start.

Lately I've been staring into mom's eyes extra hard.

NOTE: Leashes were worn but photo edited out of the photos.

Murphy & Stanley

Friday, May 26, 2017

Flower Friday

Mom said she wanted us to post some flower pictures butt there weren't any flowers.  Me and Stanley shouted, "Open your eyes woman!"

Our snowball bush is GIANT!
Some Creeping Jenny
We have various ground covers all over the hill!
Stanley loves to stand in bushes so we are surprised they live.
Another bush whose name we forget.

Bet you recognize this one!
Usually there are only 2 peonies.  Looks like this is a jackpot year!
OK, technically these aren't in our yard but they were huge poppies!

Thanks for stopping by to see our blooms!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday in Spring

Me and Stanley are just enjoying some nice weather.  Mom thinks our cold weather might finally be behind us.  I have noticed I get hot faster when I'm running with Wilson.

We like chillaxing in the shade.  Stanley was on shift this morning while I relaxed.

OK, I'm ready to fetch again. Who's gonna throw Wilson?

Murphy & Stanley

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yard Work

Now that our company has left us mom says me and Stanley need to get back to our regular chores.  Today we did yard work.

I, Murphy, checked to see if the squirrel we saw 3 years ago came back to his hiding spot.  He didn't.

Stanley checked to see if any rabbits were around.  They never have been and that is still the case.

Stanley checked the dampness of the lawn to see if the watering schedule needs adjusted.  It doesn't.

I checked to see if, despite dad putting 87 gallons of poison on the lawn, those ants are still alive.  They are.

That was a lot of yard work.  We'll need a nap now!

Murphy & Stanley

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


As you know, me and Stanley have had company at our house.  So of course that means we were the ones who had to train them!  

First we taught the lady that a dog must always be attached to her hip.

Then I had to teach them how to throw the ball.

And Stanley had to teach the man how to give him really good scratches.

And of course there was also proper etiquette while going places in the truck.

Eventually they moved from the beginning levels to the intermediate levels which included constant petting and lap work.

And of course we had to teach them how to pose on a log.  The lady messed up cuz she remained standing.  So much training to do that we were exhausted!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, May 14, 2017