Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Break

Welcome to Spring Break - Diving & Snorkeling event!  Thanks to the crew over at Arty's place for organizing this event!

Every effort was made to not mess up!  Butt if anyone was left out let us know (in case we have the photo and it didn't post for some reason).

We had lots of furends show up BUTT the dive boat could NOT take everyone at once so the skipper made 3 trips . . .  Hit the water everyone so he can go back for more pups! 

We're not sure if Madi will actually get into the water.  Any bets??

Our first group is in the water!

Louis looks like a natural!

Chester does it Jaques Cousteau style!

Gonna have fish for dinner Phenny?

OMD! Madi got in the water!

Think Bentley might be getting photos for the next newscast?

Ut oh . . . Lightning lost the front fins.  Call a tow truck!

Misty found a creature!

Why does Tegan look like she's going skiing?

Pierre found a pal to swim with him!

The Golden Girls are having fun!

Dougie's grand hooman is giving him tips!

Wyatt might be anchored!  Or is he hiding from Tegan?

Here comes the second boat - everyone in the water!

The Price boys got their tighty whities!  Hey, there's Dory!

Lucy found a fish pool!

Hit the deep water boys!

Bertie is a natural.  We bet Gail is surprised!

Riley is swimming with the fishes - butt in a good way!

Phod! Look out!

Aw, bound by love!

These 2 make a great team (and handsome couple)!

Noodles looks like she's been diving before!  Get good pics Chris!

Go deep Hailey!

Here we go with the last boat!

Last butt not least . . . 

Murphy is a little otter - with Wilson too!

Stanley, watch out for the shark!
Casey's in charge and looks like he's gonna box that shark!

The ever flirty Jessie . . . 

Addi went into the deep water!

Oreo is outrunning that pesky shark!

We hope everyone had fun in their undersea adventures!  We were glad there were no shark bites!  Thanks to Arty's mom for many of the deep sea photos!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers For Dory

We love our sweet Flowergirl!  
We will furever remember you!

Murphy & Stanley

Monday, April 17, 2017

Starting Training

Yesterday we started training our grand hoomans how to walk on strings.  First lesson was to stop when we had to pee.

And second lesson was to stop when we had to sniff.

Here I told the girl to close her eyes and I would lead her.  It was training her to trust me.

We had to get a drink and cool off.  Training is hard work!

The boy and Stanley took a shortcut.

The grand hoomans got their strings tangled but me and Stanley fixed it.

We got hot on the way back too.

We trained them on posing on rocks.

It was a good training session.  The grand hoomans are coming along just fine! 

Murphy & Stanley